Non Profit 501(c)3 Organization

“Mesh Victims United has been created to raise public awareness as to the dangers of polypropylene mesh implants and to offer information and support for those who are suffering.”

           ~~~A petition is attached below. ~~~ Please support the cause by reviewing this petition and support our movement to ban the use of all mesh  throughout the world.  It takes an army to build a foundation.  To help save our future generations from Mesh, the way that the MDL was handled, the way we were tricked into signing a settlement agreement or perhaps you did not sign at all as the settlements were unfair or worst yet, your case was thrown out without prejudice.  Regardless of your reasoning to sign, we need signatures to move forward for our cause.


Hernia Survey For Dr. Barbora East

Mesh Victims United has been contacted by Dr. Barbora East from Czech Republic. Her aim is to restore a healthy patient-surgeon relationship with trust that has been lost by many.  She has asked that we share this Hernia Surgery Survey attached below as she will be writing an article to be published in a Medical Journal. The Survey should take approximate 10 – 15 minutes of your time. The survey is anonymous and you only include your email address if you want to know the results of the survey. Your email will not be used for any other reason. Mesh Victims United will be sharing the results when the survey is completed. Thank you for taking time out of your day to help with this survey. Stay safe and healthy.

Voices of the Mesh Injured

Victims Get Nothing From Texas

Are you experiencing Polypropylene Mesh Complications With Hernia Repair, SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence) or POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse)?

Serious Risks!

Chronic Debilitating Pain, Infection, Mesh Erosion, Bleeding, Dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse), Hernia Recurrence, Organ Perforation, Urinary Problems, Neuro-Muscular Problems, Adhesions, Bowel Obstruction, Vaginal Scarring/Shrinkage (contraction) Recurrence, Prolapse, Tissue Necrosis, Foreign Body Reactions (the body rejects the mesh), Autoimmune Disorders, Disability (can’t sit, stand or walk without pain), Sepsis, & Death

Why Is This An Injury To All? 

Spouses Affected With Limited To No Relations, Children Suffer When Their Parent Is In Chronic Pain, Friends Don’t Understand Or Accept what Mesh Has Done To Us (there are some who have stood by our illnesses), Work Is Almost Impossible As Most Of Us Are Unable To Do Our Jobs As We Once Did, Travelling To Professional Doctors For Adequate Care By Automobile, Plane, Train or Bus Is A Challenge Where We All Need Assistance, Vacations Are Something That We Dream Of Instead Of Being Able To Do.  Mesh Affects Everyone!

Things To Know About Pelvic & Hernia Mesh

    • There are FDA Warnings.

    • Complications are “Not Rare”.

    • Complications are Severe.

    • Surgical Mesh Implants are meant to be Permanent

    • The Lawsuits on Television are NOT just for “older”, “outdated”, or “no longer in use” mesh.

    • Mesh hardens once it’s in your body, and is not inert.

    • There is “No Evidence Mesh Provides any more clinical benefit than Non-Mesh Surgeries”.

    • There are Alternatives.

    • Help is Hard to Find.

    • FDA “Cleared” does not mean the device was actually tested.

PRESS RELEASE:  September 24, 2019

Mesh Victims United Receives Nonprofit Approval by IRS,                            Announces New Projects

A group of women impacted by their injuries from pelvic mesh has finally received its 501(c) 3 approval from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, making it an official nonprofit organization.

Katrina Spradley, Secretary of Mesh Victims United (MVU), spearheaded formation of MVU with the purpose of uniting the many diverse mesh groups, both in the U.S. and internationally with the goals of educating the public, the medical community, and the media about the dangers of using an untested polypropylene mesh to treat incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and hernias.

We are looking to achieve a ground shifting in how mesh is viewed by medical professionals and the Food and Drug Administration by bringing patient impact front and center,” says Spradley.

“It cannot be business as usual and laws and treatments need to begin with a more conservative approach rather than the reckless disregard for the damage that has been done to mesh victims. The FDA also needs to acknowledge the damage mesh has done to thousands of women globally and stop clearing it for sale without any clinical trials through the agency’s 510(k) process. We have enough evidence that it is not working to protect the public!”

MVU wants to unite the mesh community believing we are stronger and louder together.

 “All are welcome under this organization and we hope to coordinate a cohesive effort to work together, while we retain our individuality. Together we are stronger and able to achieve more,” says Spradley.

Communication will be the key to MVU, utilizing both the website and Facebook group, Twitter, and Instagram, and coordinating the efforts of a multitude of U.S.-based mesh patient groups, as well as international organizations will be key to raising awareness worldwide.

Health and healing is forefront, with information on what women who are impacted by the serious devastating injuries caused by pelvic mesh can do to alleviate their pain.

The group’s genesis began in Chicago at the 2018 AUGS rally at last year’s AUGS meeting (American Urogynecologic Society) and achieved a sit down meeting with executive members of AUGS who, this year, will include one member from MVU as a patient representative in the annual AUGS convention in Tennessee this October.

Mesh victims have been seen as adversaries to doctors who specialize in female urology or urogynecology.  This was the first time the mesh injured community sat down with those whose specialty it was to treat these complications.

We need to represent ourselves as the injured community and not as adversaries so they can better understand what we are going through. This chapter must never be repeated,” says Nancy Gretzinger, who wrote a book about her experience with mesh.

“We need to educate doctors about how patients are suffering that will encourage new strategies for approaching mesh complications. Mesh Victims United allowed them to see passionate, logical awareness presented first hand by the patients who are suffering. This is information they need moving forward.”

MVU believes this dark chapter in women’s health must never be repeated.  Hernia mesh too is made with the same polypropylene and all efforts will encompass education for those seeking a hernia solution.

Initial efforts will include a monthly newsletter and plans to coordinate with mesh patients in Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and England who are all suffering the same complications as are seen in the U.S.

MVU will plans a major national public awareness campaign that includes travel a visible campaign traveling over the U.S. to disseminate information and speak at grassroots forums.  Donations will help to make that happen. 

MVU will be all inclusive and welcomes input from the entire community and is also seeking additional board and committee members.

Contributions to MVU will be tax deductible to anyone who donated in 2018, according to IRS Certification of Incorporation.  ###

Vaginal mesh has caused health problems in many women, even as some surgeons vouch for its safety and efficacy

HIVE80    this group is a great resource for mesh questions and things we have learned over the many years.   Please lets talk about sui/pop/hernia, your experiences, treatments, and lets help women and men help other men and women.  Come on invite others to come in and talk about there experiences good and bad.  We are all here to help each other.